Bishco | Full Stack Developer

Looking to deliver high quality web applications!


Hi, I'm Bishco. Nice to meet you.

As a Full Stack Developer I create fully functional web applications top to bottom, from the design and construction of the frontend to the engineering and creation of a solid backend, and last but not least I take care of the deployment of the application onto the web!



Designing a web application is the first step in creating one. I personally love simple and clean designs, but I am open to any ideas you might have.

I use tools such as Canva and Figma as helpers in this aspect.


Frontend Developer

The frontend is responsible for how the website will look and feel to the user. I value user-friendliness and responsiveness the most in this aspect.

A good knowledge of CSS and Javascript is the key here.


Backend Developer

The backend represents all the functionality that happens behind the scenes. A solid and secure backend is a must in order to guarantee a smooth and safe experience for the user.

I mostly use Python and SQL in this regard.

Looking to start a project or to collaborate with me?

My commissions are currently open. Should you be interested in using my services, have any questions, or just want to say hello, you can contact me via the form below! I am open to collaboration offers as well as to job opportunities, in which case you may also be interested in my technical résumé.

Let's do this!

Some example Frontend Designs:

(These websites are just for showcase and are not functional)